How it works:



The Armatix Quicklock makes firearms safer by securing and releasing individual guns in seconds. It works with virtually all conventional handguns, revolvers and rifles.


The Quicklock system consists of two components: the Quicklock (mechatronic blocking device) and a electronic key. The Quicklock device is manually inserted into the cartridge chamber. The application of slight pressure causes it to lock automatically and secure the weapon from within.

To release the mechanism, a link is established between the electronic key and the Quicklock device. After authorization using a PIN code or fingerprint, the electronic key tells the Quicklock device to release the firearm. This process takes only fractions of a second, which means that a firearm owner can access and secure a fully loaded gun with minimal response time. Armatix Quicklock devices are available for all calibers conventionally available on the market.

The programming of the electronic key and Quicklock device can be changed any number of times. If secured guns are shipped together with the electronic key, the corresponding PIN code for the authorized user can be sent separately to the addressee.



For handguns, you push the electronic key and the locking element together and insert the locking element into the barrel, giving it a quick push to lock it.


Long guns are locked by inserting the locking element into the cartridge chamber by hand as you would do with the cartridge. Using the electronic key, you can remove the locking element.


There are also differnet long gun electronic key with a curved adaptor for repeater and semi-automatic weapons.


There is a wide range of calibers to suit both, handguns and long guns.


One electronic key can be used to program multiple quicklocks.  Each of our electronic keys has encrypted data that is unique and is transferred to the quicklock when the initial programming of your quicklock is taking place.  Please make note, your encrypted data stored in your electronic key and the unique pin code is what unlocks your weapon.  Please store your code separately from your weapons.


To ensure that your firearm is completely secure, please identify the number of barrels and the caliber sizes for each of the barrels in the specific firearm that you would like to secure. Each barrel must be locked with the specific caliber size Quicklock to ensure that your weapons is locked. Please note, if one of the barrels remains unlocked, the firearm is not Secured.

Before you insert any Quicklock device in your firearm, please verify that the caliber of the Quicklock element and the caliber of your weapons barrel correspond to the C.I.P. Standards. If your barrel has been altered or is not to C.I.P. standards, the use of any Quicklock may result in malfunctions and can destroy your firearm. Quicklock elements for rifles are not suitable for insertion using the electronic key. Failure to observe this point may result in damage to the surface of the chamber. In multi-barreled weapons each barrel must be locked separately by the identified specific caliber Quicklock. The handling of the Quicklock locking element will be easier if you clean the gun and lightly oil the barrel.

Please check with your state Laws to ensure that our safety devices meet your requirements.  Our Quicklock devices have not been tested in all states.

For California Residents:
The .308 Win, .45 ACP and the 12 gauge have been approved and are listed in the CA Roster of Approved Firearm Safety Devices.