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IP1 Basic Features
IP1 Personalized Watch

iP1 Personalized – The future of the firearm. Now.

The iP1 Personalized is a superior firearm with highly advanced safety features. The gun is your’s—personalized—and cannot be fired without the correct PIN code.

The iP1 Personalized provides the security of firearm ownership, with the knowledge that a child or criminal will never be able to operate your gun.


An iP1 Personalized comes with a firearm (iP1) and matching watch, the iW1.  The iP1 must be properly synced to the iW1 by following the instructions in the instruction manual.  Once properly synced, the gun cannot be operated/activated unless the proper code is entered into the watch.  It is your’s, personalized.

Armatix made this technology so easy to use for a reason: we believe that our technology should fit seamlessly into the firearm ownership experience. Pull the trigger and feel the recoil, just as with a regular firearm.


Armatix will be offering other personalized firearms. The German engineering philosophy that guides our design process requires that the first product we bring to market is the hardest to make, to ensure that our technology works across the board. The specifications of a .22 caliber offer the challenge—and opportunity—that set our design team to work.

Armatix believes that personalization technology is the future of firearm safety. We’re offering the chance to join the future, now.

The intelligent iW1 wrist watch arms the weapon for firing and also has the following functions:


  • .22 LR calibre, 10 round magazine

  • electronic magazine disconnect

  • different operating modes

  • an operating distance of up to 10 inches

  • integrated grip and drop safety

  • color-coded operating mode, patented mechatronic 
interface for additional applications (e.g. camera)

  • tested and approved by ATF


  • PIN code entry and PIN code management for weapon enablement

  • charge level indicator for watch and weapon

  • time-controlled weapon deactivation

  • extensive watch functions, waterproof

  • interchangeable straps

  • power supply for 5,000 rounds or a minimum of one year standby

  • an operating distance of up to 10 inches


  • Overall Width: 1.16 inches

  • Overall Length: 6.5 inches

  • Overall Height: 5.50 inches

  • Overall Weight: 20.2 oz.

  • Grip: Glass-Fiber reinforced polyamide

  • Frame Construction: Steel/Forged HTS Alloy

Firearms ResponsibilityFirearms Safety

Read the instruction manual for the iP1 Personalized and the warnings contained in it before loading or using the iP1 pistol. The manual explains the function and the handling of the iP1 Basic / iP1 Personalized and warns of the potential dangers, including death and serious personal injury, that can result from the unsafe use of the iP1 pistol. The appropriate manual should always accompany the iP1 Basic / iP1 Personalized and be transferred with it if it is sold or otherwise made available to another person. Even if you are an experienced shooter, you must READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL CAREFULLY before loading or firing the iP1 pistol. The manual gives basic instructions on the proper handling and functioning of the iP1 pistol. Your safety and the safety of others depend on you following the instructions and warnings in this manual and the constant use of safe firearms practices. If you are unfamiliar with firearms, take a course in the safe handling of firearms run by a qualified firearms instructor, your local gun club, or a similar qualified organization.