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IP1 Main Features

The iP1 Basic is the world’s first digital pistol, and integrates electronic safety features into an expertly designed firearm.

A semi-automatic, single action/double action .22 caliber pistol, the iP1 Basic is a product of an expert design team led by legendary firearm designer Ernst Mauch. It is a superior firearm designed for shooters who require the latest in ergonomic design and engineering.

The iP1 Basic is designed with safety in mind. We have integrated electronics into the mechanics of the firearm, which allow the firearm to detect when the ammunition cartridge is disengaged. Once disengaged, the gun cannot fire – even when there is a bullet still in the chamber.

  • .22 LR calibre, 10 round magazine

  • electronic magazine disconnect

  • patented mechatronic 
interface for additional applications (e.g. camera)

  • integrated grip and drop safety

  • tested and approved by ATF

  • blinking red-coded operating mode for battery change – When the backstrap is squeezed towards the front of the iP1 pistol, the LED will blink red twice if the batteries need to be changed.


  • Overall Width: 1.16 inches

  • Overall Length: 6.5 inches

  • Overall Height: 5.50 inches

  • Overall Weight: 20.2 oz.

  • Grip: Glass-Fiber reinforced polyamide

  • Frame Construction: Steel/Forged HTS Alloy

Firearms ResponsibilityFirearms Safety

Read the instruction manual for the iP1 Basic and the warnings contained in it before loading or using the iP1 pistol. The manual explains the function and the handling of the iP1 SmartSystem — Basic and warns of the potential dangers, including death and serious personal injury, that can result from the unsafe use of the iP1 pistol. The manual should always accompany the iP1 – Basic and be transferred with it if it is sold or otherwise made available to another person. Even if you are an experienced shooter, you must READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL CAREFULLY before loading or firing the iP1 pistol. The manual gives basic instructions on the proper handling and functioning of the iP1 pistol. Your safety and the safety of others depend on you following the instructions and warnings in this manual and the constant use of safe firearms practices. If you are unfamiliar with firearms, take a course in the safe handling of firearms run by a qualified firearms instructor, your local gun club, or a similar qualified organization.