Armatix envisions a world in which the tragedy of accidental firearm deaths is a thing of the past.

We’re helping create it by offering some of the most advanced firearm safety features available anywhere. We believe that personalization technology, which prevents an unauthorized user from operating the firearm, is the answer to this important challenge—and we’ve been developing it for 15 years.
Smart systems are the future of firearm safety.

Innovative Solutions Prevent Gun Misuse.

As the user of a gun, whether you are a hunter, a sports marksman, or in police, security or military service, you will understand the responsibility associated with owning a gun. Safe, responsible handling in compliance with the law is the top priority. Conventional safety solutions, however, are often inadequate. There is always a risk that a gun can fall into the wrong hands as soon as it is removed from the gun safe – whether to take it along on a hunting trip or vacation, or to simply transport it to another location.

Accidents and tragic incidents occur over and over again with fatal consequences. Children and adolescents in particular are often unable to fully appreciate the risks that are associated with guns. Digital and biometric authentication technology has now become part of our everyday lives – and it is high time that we use this technology to make guns safe. Ever since Armatix was founded, the company has focused on the development and market introduction of highly innovative gun safety technology. Today, guns can be rendered safe within seconds to ensure that they will not be misused.