Armatix GmbH is a spin-off of SimonsVoss Technologies AG. The innovation leader for radio-controlled, wireless locking and access control systems was already investing in the transfer of its know-how at the start of the new millennium with this goal: intelligent gun safety systems. In taking this step over a decade ago,SimonsVoss laid the foundation for the groundbreaking technologies from Armatix. The spin-off has been managed as an independent limited liability company since 2004.
In 2006, Ernst Mauch joined Armatix GmbH. Ernst has spent his entire life designing and developing firearms. For more than three decades, Ernst was employed at the famous arms manufacture Heckler and Koch as the Chief Technology Officer and he departed as CEO. Some of his designs and patents include the USP family of pistols, the HK416 assault rifle, G36 assault rifle and XM25 grenade machine gun, which are currently in use by multiple branches of the U.S. armed forces and numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as the militaries of Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, among many others.

Armatix is respected for its comprehensive knowledge of the arms technology and for its 21st century Security technology. Optimum prerequisites for developing solutions that set new standards in the field of gun safety.

More than 30 employees work at advancing gun safety at the sites in Munich (headquarters) and Petersberg (productions and logistics). The results are impressive: for Armatix Trustlock blocking devices (Quicklock), certifications have been granted for 60+ calibers by the PTB [the German national metrology institute providing scientific and technical services] in accordance with the German “Erbwaffengesetz” [law governing inherited weapons]

Armatix has more than 17 patent families that give prominence to the high level of innovation inherent in our products. Armatix solutions make it possible to lock and release the locking mechanism of firearms within seconds. Safety in gun use thus reaches a level that was thought of as unconceivable a few years ago. We bring 21st century design in Handguns as well as Mechatronic blocking devices that incorporate various digital pin-code or biometric authentication options.