Engineered For Life.

Built for Protection With Safety In Mind

We embrace a multidimensional approach to safety. Our firearms are just as effective as the guns you’re used to shooting and include optional safety features that prevent an unauthorized user from operating them.

Our firearms retain the pride and discipline of gun ownership while minimizing the risk of a personal, family and community tragedy.

Welcome to the future of firearm safety.

We Believe In

The Need

Advances in safety technology are part of virtually every industry.  Unacceptably, handgun safety systems have not meaningfully advanced since the invention of the lightbulb.

The Technology

Our products range from security systems for short and long barreled weapons to a firearm that can only be operated by its authorized user. These systems rely on personalization technology, which employs a PIN code, biometric pattern or transponder.


“It could revolutionize the gun industry.”
James Mitchell
Oak Tree Gun Club Owner
"Armatix iP1 is being hailed as the US’s first “smart handgun.”
Michael S. Rosenwald
The Washington Post